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At SponsorLink, our mission is to empower scientists and developers to transform potential life-saving technologies into accessible realities. By advancing critical R&D activities and championing patient advocacy, we drive meaningful change through charitable contributions and active volunteering.
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“We advocate for research and early detection, emphasizing that participation in clinical trials has the potential to save lives“


For the most current and accurate cancer statistics in the USA and California, we recommend checking with reliable sources such as:

  1. American Cancer Society (ACS): The ACS regularly updates cancer statistics, and its website is a reliable source for information on cancer incidence, mortality, and survival rates.
  2. National Cancer Institute (NCI): The NCI is a comprehensive source for cancer statistics and research. Their website is regularly updated with the latest information.
  3. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): The CDC also provides cancer statistics, and you can explore their resources for the most recent data.
  4. California Department of Public Health (CDPH): The CDPH may also have information on cancer statistics specific to the state.
  5. California Cancer Registry: This is a valuable resource that provides cancer statistics for the state. You can visit their website or contact them directly for the latest information.

Having witnessed the profound impact of breast cancer on countless women, we are committed to supporting breast cancer initiatives through our charitable efforts and corporate responsibility programs.

This personal connection fuels our dedication to this cause. However, our clinical trial services operate independently from our corporate responsibilities and charitable initiatives.


We prioritize endorsing charitable organizations that focus specifically on addressing breast cancer concerns:

Susan G. Komen for the Cure:

  • Website: Susan G. Komen
  • Overview: Susan G. Komen is one of the most well-known breast cancer organizations globally. It funds research, provides education, and supports those affected by breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF):

  • Website: BCRF
  • Overview: BCRF is a nonprofit organization that funds research worldwide. It is dedicated to advancing the field and finding a cure for breast cancer.

American Cancer Society (ACS):

  • Website: ACS
  • Overview: ACS is a comprehensive cancer organization that supports research, provides information, and offers services to individuals affected by cancer, including breast cancer.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute:

  • Website:
  • Overview: Dana-Farber is a major research institution conducting groundbreaking research to better understand the biology of cancer, discover new treatment approaches, and improve patient outcomes. The institute is often involved in clinical trials and collaborations with other research centers.



  • Cancer + Careers
Cancer and Careers is an organization dedicated to supporting individuals who are managing cancer while continuing to work or seeking employment. The organization provides resources, information, and guidance to help cancer patients and survivors navigate the challenges they may face in the professional sphere.

  • Working with Cancer Pledge
“Working With Cancer,” a global cross-industry pledge to end the stigma of cancer in the workplace. The pledge was launched at Davos in partnership with the World Economic Forum.

  • PatientPower
Patient Power® is a leader in supporting patients with cancer and caregivers in their treatment journey.

  • Speak Out Revolution

Speak Out Revolution is an award winning not-for-profit, founded in 2020, on a mission to cancel the culture of silence on harassment and bullying in our workplaces.